Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Massage -- Feeling Better than Fine

Massage is a therapeutic modality with a number of benefits. You may either be familiar or have heard of some of these like:

  • lowering blood pressure and heart rate
  • encouraging relaxation of the body, mind and spirit
  • circulating fluids such as blood and lymph and reducing edema
  • warming up the muscles before exercise
  • draining the muscles of lactic acid and other waste after exercise
  • breaking up scar tissue
  • reducing muscle pain and soreness

There's more, if you're interested. I have a full list on my website

But what about the benefits that can't be assessed with numbers or data.

What about warm fuzzies?

In the modern age, we pass by so many people that we just don't have the time to engage with. We  drive by hundreds on the highway, and pass by dozens at the grocery checkout. 

We exchange greetings and goodbyes so many times that the expression is rote rather than heartily felt. 

And that's life. 

But the difference between getting a massage from an independent LMT like me, rather than going to a spa or even just a busy doctor's office, is that you're going to know that I care. Right away.

There isn't going to be a long wait, I'm not going to avoid your eye at the cash register, and I'm not going to harbor any secret judgements about your history. I'm here to help you.

Some people have asked me, "Do you like your job? Does it bother you to touch strangers?"
And no, it doesn't. 

My job is an opportunity to connect and help other people. They are going to feel good all day and even longer, both in their body and in their heart.

Because you know when someone asks "How are you?" and expects the answer "Fine." 

And when I ask "How are you feeling today?" I really am interested. If someone says 'Fine' I'm going to keep digging.

Of course you are doing fine. But how can I make you feel better? Awesome? Great? Stupendous?

Let's work on that.